Helping Our Community

The Best Choice For A Successful Community!

Working together and helping each other is what builds a community. Providing excellent services and multiple resources. Thats how we grow our community stronger than ever.

We offer the services, support, and help you need. Ask us how we could help at home or your business. 

Best Local Services

Our Best Services

Just like you, we take pride in what our community has to offer. Here is a list of services provided by local community members such as yourself. Please, remember to bookmark this page. Share with your friends and family. That’s what community is all about!

Website Design
Just like this site here. We could create you an amazing website. As well, we could do all of your online marketing.
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Home Repairs/Building
Do you need something repaired? Want to add an addition or build a new home. We have local solutions for you!
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Landscaping/Pest Control
We offer more than grass cutting. from landscape design to termite removal. We are the local one stop shop!
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Electronic Repair
Computers, Televisions, or anything you plug into the wall. We have local certified professionals to help you today.
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Appliance Repair
Washers, dryers, stoves, and fridges. We have professionals who can come to your home or business and get you up and running.
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Farm Support
Welding, tractor service or rental. When it comes to farming there are many problems. We offer solutions! Call us to discuss your needs.
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About The Company

Creative Solutions

We are not here to build a big business and make lots of money. Like you we are here to feed our families and make our community safer and stronger.

By teaming up with other local community-based businesses we are able to provide creative and prompt solutions for any need. 

Our focus is on the community and how we could make that stronger by working together.

If you are a renter, homeowner, or business. You to are part of this community.

Let’s work together and show the world #FlorenceCares

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