About Florence Repairs

They fix it all!

Florence Repairs was founded by local Daniel Boissonneault. With over 20 years experience with electronics and low voltage systems. We havent found anything Daniel couldnt fix.

What can they repair?

Washers, Dryers, tv, computer, laptop, cellphone, golf carts, and many other things. Also low voltage wiring systems like custom led lighting, RV or camper wiring, and automotive wiring. Put it like this, if it has wires, the will fix it!

Is it cheaper to repair?

For most items, the cost of repair is significantly cheaper. Florence Repairs offers very straightforward pricing. It’s only $100 to get someone to your house for diagnostics. Should you have them do the repair. The diagnostic fee will be discounted from your bill. For the DIY type people. This is great cause you will never pay more than the diagnostic fee and know what to fix.